Welcome to the QueenBlinds Blog!

Hi there!

There’s something in the air. The QueenBlinds family can’t keep it quiet for any longer!

It’s something wonderful. Something about you; for you.

Something that the QueenBlinds family would ♥️ to share with you.

We've decided to put in front of you the Best Kept Secrets of the Home Improvement and Office Decor industry.

Best kept secrets plus everything you’ll ever need to make your house the best home in the whole wide world; and/or to help keep your office on par with the world's best business places.

On a proud note, our team has been getting that done for wonderful people like you for longer than a decade. And we’re delighted to be able to touch more than a million lives through our blinds.

In a sentence, we’ve been leveraging the power of blinds to transform homes and business places into the kind of spaces you’d love hanging around: inspiring, homely, luxurious, classy, or literally whatever you’re envisioning them to be.

And today, we’re dreaming to take that to a whole new level.

We’re all super excited and we’re doubling down on our efforts to come forward with a lot of wonderful things for you.

And this blog is born.

What are we trying to achieve with the new QueenBlinds Blog?

Here are a few things.

Through this blog,

  • We want to bring you the latest news and exciting developments in Home and Office Space Decor industry -- ideas, inspiration, and hints to make your home/office a better place to be. (While keeping everything on a budget.)

  • We’d love to share with you everything you’ll ever need to know about of blinds: news, innovation, tips, tricks, and about any curious thing under the sun about blinds.

  • Exclusive releases, updates, offers, special edition QueenBlinds products, world’s best curated online resources for DIY and a lot more.

  • It’s also a great opportunity for you and the QueenBlinds team to get in touch with each other, where you can share your queries and feedback with us and our experts can answer your questions and/or advise you regarding home decor.

We aren’t planning to stop there.

We want to touch a lot of awesome people like you in more and more in meaningful ways. We’re making sure that you’re getting the QueenBlinds standard superior user experience and customer service -- through not only traditional ways, but also through Social Media and beyond.

Our Core Driving Principles: