20 Hilarious Facts About Window Blinds You Probably Never Heard Before

While we cherish the beauty and luxury of Window Blinds at our home and office every day, there are a lot of awesome things we missed about them. Including some hilarious facts that would surprise you and keep your eyebrows raised.

So, take a small break from all the buzz of the day, sit down at your favourite window (probably with a great view) and let’s begin:

#1 The First-Ever Blinds Were Made from Animal Hide, Reeds and Bamboo

The earliest blinds looked and felt nothing like the ones we have today. Venetian Blinds, Roman Blinds, Roller, Velux and such are very recent developments. A number of historic observations note that the earliest blinds were made from Animal Hide (in warmer climates), from reeds (ancient Egypt), and bamboo (China).

#2 Like You Might Have Thought, Venetian Blinds Are Not from Venice

Venetian Blinds are centuries old and they’re one of the most popular window blinds across the continent since 1760. A lot of research into finding the origin of Venetian Blinds reported that they’re not likely from Venice, but from Persia. Even today, Venetian Blinds are called “Les Persiennes” in Paris.

#3 …But, Roman Blinds are Most Probably from Rome

Yes, Roman Blinds are definitely from (Ancient) Rome, in the time of Caesar’s empire. It is thought that the Romans were tired of dust and debris blowing into their houses during the construction of the Colosseum and they needed something to prevent that. So, they started using stripes of animal skin, thick paper and sometimes, damp cloth, to protect do this. (Note that this was long before the glass was invented, which we use today.)

#4 Archaeologists Found Marble Blinds in Pompeii

Archaeologists were surprised to find unmovable slats (made from heavy marble) in the windows they found during an excavation of homes in Pompeii.

#5 Is it Chinese Who Invented the Window Blinds?

Long before any houses had doors, the ancient Chinese people tied strands of bamboo and hang them in front of the house. Discussions about this earliest evidence suggest that they used it to keep the homes warm.

#6 Whose Honor Was It to Pick the Curtains for Buckingham Palace?

Queen Elizabeth’s portrait painter, Michael Noakes, as the story goes, once pointed at a book of swatches he found in the Buckingham Palace. When he inquired about this, the Queen was curious whether he could help her with handing picking the colour scheme for the Palace. Michael Noakes was more than happy to do the honour!

#7 Americans Revolutionized How Window Blinds Work Today

The tilt system in blinds, which helped to control the angle of slats in Venetian Blinds, was the invention of John Hampson, an American from New Orleans. This was noted to be one of the quantum leaps in the way Venetian Blinds were designed.

#8 The First Curtains Are Not an Invention of China

In fact, curtains originated in ancient Greece. It makes complete sense why the Greeks would have to invent something like Curtains, keeping in mind the suffocating hot weather in Greece.

#9 Notre Dame Cathedral Has the Largest Window in The World

How big exactly? 41 metres in circumference. Think about the level of difficulty in creating a blind or curtain system that would fit the window completely.